As we anesthetize ourselves in front of glowing screens and allow the computers to replace our brains, we claim this is human evolution. But it's not. It's the death of the human race.

Of course, there are good things about technology but as with food, drugs, sex, and anything else, it needs to be moderated. Unfortunately, humans have never been good at moderation which is why, historically, leadership has been necessary. The problem is that the internet has destroyed our desire to be led, so the only way we can continue as a species is if we wake ourselves up from the digital spell we are under.

Less Tech More Life might be the last humanized movement but if we regain our belief in each other, we can fight back and all is not lost. This will take hard work like overcoming any addiction however our species is still strong enough to do so.

1. UNPLUG to rest your brain and reduce your computer use to a minimum (texting, video games, social media etc.) and never allow children to use digital devices ie. smart phones and tablets.

2. EXPERIENCE a more enhanced life without the internet ie. physical activities, go to a theater, write on paper, actually speak on the phone etc.

3. DECIDE to make your life meaningful by focusing on one thing at a time without getting trapped in the endless discussions that lead nowhere.

4. KEEP things private. Mystery is the magical element of living.

5. BELIEVE in leaders by taking the risk of not knowing every minute detail about them or else you will never make a choice.

6. TEACH the values of Less Tech More Life.