I'm not against technology.
I'm not againt the net.
I'm against dependency
potential not met.

Stop gorging on fast fat,
as the robots take over.
We can revolt, claim our power back
but we've got to stay sober.

Less Tech. More Life. (3X)

Put down the cell phone.
I'll put down the mic.
Stop posting every memory
and start living life.

Trust me when I tell you
the future is set
but if we redirect ourselves
we won't have regrets.

Less Tech. More Life. (3X)

There may not be leaders,
but that is up to you.
If you open it up,
for someone new.

There's only two sides
to the wall.
But you need to hold them both up
or it falls.


Give your life to the monster.
Don't question it, don't take it back.
17 year old Russian hackers,
hiding in the cloud ready to attack.

You're not safe. (4X)

Should have written things down on paper.
Should have paid in cold hard cash.
Now my stuff is owned by others.
At least computers cant hold my stash.

You're not safe. (4X)

Name, Address, credit card numbers,
pictures, videos, conversations.
All of it will be destroyed,
in the digital wars of our creation.

You're not safe. (4X)

It was so easy it had to be right
but the system fucked me cause they can.
Gotta turn off my virtual lungs
gonna start breathing on my own again.

You're not safe.


Like me.
Follow me.
Friend me.
Wipe me.

You're addicted.
It's no different than a drug.
It feels so good.
Brush your problems under the rug.

You're high on comments,
can't have fun alone.
You need fake friends
to think your life's your own.

You're part of the problem,
but you think you're right.
Digital dillusion,
you're blinded by the sight.

No morning, no end.
Zombies in a loop.
You're just ingrediants,
to disposable soup.

Like me.
Follow me.
Friend me.
Wipe me.

You stare at their walls.
Wasting every week.
Ignoring the writing,
that says "You're so weak!"

Flash mobs wont save us.
Have a real life party of two.
Cause if you check out on life,
life with check out on you.


The web gates open,
the stream unloads.
A barge of infoshit,
suddenly explodes.

You can't tread the wave.
Your boredom sucks you in.
Nothings been accomplished,
and now you're empty within.

Information Sewerhighway (2X)

You have to stay plugged in now,
otherwise you'll be cut off.
From this world you dont get much from
go outside and play some golf.

Now you have a soapbox
all of your very own.
Except everyone else does too
so now youre all alone.

Information Sewerhighway (2X)

400 million tweets.
Every day!

500 million WhatsApp images.
Every day!

40 billion texts.
Every day!

100 years of youtube content.
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!

You cant make money.
You cant keep up.
You cant succeed.
you cant stand out.

Information Sewerhighway (4X)


Digital Agers!
Get out of my way!
Digital Agers!
We're all gonna pay!

Screen swiping zombies.
Have no soul.
They download their dreams.
They live like moles.

They don't remember privacy.
Their friends aren't real.
Their validation comes from
posting all they feel.

Digital Agers!
Get out of my way!
Digital Agers!
We're all gonna pay!

As they leave their mark
without a tactile touch.
They leave the next gen
nothing much.

We are weak and we like it.
We are weak and we like it.
We are weak and we like it.
We dont have a cause,
rebel with kitten paws.

Digital Agers!
We're all gonna pay!